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TheDrinks, responsible for processing personal data supplied via the website, respects the Belgian law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy when processing personal data.


The personal data you supply will only be used for the following purposes: to fulfil the agreed contract and to process the order, including payment and delivery.


You possess the statutory right to consult and correct your personal data if necessary. You can send a written, signed and dated request, along with proof of your identity (copy of your ID card) to TheDrinks at: de Limburg Stirumlaan 13, 3040 Huldenberg, hello@thedrinks.be, and receive your personal data in writing and free of charge. If necessary you can also request that any incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant details be corrected.


In the event that the data is used for direct marketing purposes you can refuse to allow your data to be used in this way free of charge. You can contact TheDrinks at: de Limburg Stirumlaan 13, 3040 Huldenberg, hello@thedrinks.be to inform us of this decision.


We handle all your details as confidential information and will not pass them on, loan them or sell them to third parties, unless this is necessary to implement the sales agreement. Therefore it is possible that the personal data you supply will be transferred to companies that we work with such as courier services, accounting or collection agencies and suchlike.


The Customer is responsible for keeping his/her login details confidential as well as the use of his/her password. Your password is stored in an encrypted format, so TheDrinks does not have access to it.

Thedrinks keeps (anonymous) online visitor statistics to be able to establish which and to what extent the different pages of the website are visited.


If you have any questions regarding this privacy statement you can contact us on +32 26 87 41 44.