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Over 115 years of family tradition in the beverage sector:




At the end of the 19th century, the 32-year-old Camille Philips buys an old farm on the Town Square in Huldenberg. He convinces his brother Guillaume of his plans and they start a bottling business together in 1899. The barn is set up as a bottling room and the stables are converted into storage space. Jules, the youngest brother, is in charge of cleaning the bottles. Camille fills the bottles with  beer that is shipped from the brewery in large barrels. Camille convinces Guillaume to be in charge of sales. The farm’s former living area  is turned into a pub, where Guillaume’s wife is in charge. 





The first beers are supplied by the breweries ‘Ernest and Arthur Depage’ from the nearby town of Overijse, and ‘Van Tilt’ from Leuven, while the family company steers its way through the First World War. When the famous export beer comes on the market, in 1923, the Philips family becomes the distributor of the well-known ‘Leopold’ brewery  from Brussels. This partnership is to last until 1982, when ‘Leopold’ is obliged to close its doors.






In 1927, Guillaume’s 16-year-old son Georges joins the business. Together with his father he distributes the beer by horse and cart in Huldenberg and the surrounding villages. In 1937, George buys his first truck. He ensures that a third generation is ready to take over the family company. 








Edmond, born in 1945, joins the company in 1965. He finally takes over the business from his father ten years later. Together with his wife he dynamically expands the company’s spirits business. The company experiences strong growth and significantly expands its selection of local beers, wines and spirits. It needs better and larger premises. In 1987, it moves to a new, 600m² warehouse on the Limburg Stirumlaan 13 in Huldenberg.






With the dedication of their predecessors as an example, the fourth generation is ready to take over  part of the business in the early 90s. The family has to go through a couple of positive but sometimes very difficult changes. But thanks to the years of experience, intense dedication and a strong vision these changes are very successful.


Driven by his passionate girlfriend Ingrid, Koen takes over the family business in 2005. They combine their creative ideas and bring innovation with daring and enthusiasm, without compromising the quality and strong tradition the company is known for. Their new approach has immediate success, and today QV.ID is a trendsetter in the beverage sector.





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